Tuesday, July 24, 2012

11 months

Yesterday this sweet baby turned 11 months old.

Just a short while ago, she couldn't even sit up. She was a squishy blob of a baby. Now she feeds herself, drinks from a sippy, loves to plays with her toys, follows her sister everywhere, and laughs at our jokes. She is a big girl.

Our sissybug is sweet and spirited. Even at 11 months old, she refuses to be the quiet little sister in the shadow of her older sibling. Penelope is right in the middle of whatever big sis is up to and is not afraid to stake her claim on the toys/shoes/clothes/snacks she wants. She may be smaller than her sister, but she's no pushover.

As cliché as it sounds, I really cannot remember what our lives were like before we had our littlest daughter. Penelope is such a perfect fit for our silly clan, our family feels complete with her in it. Complete for now, that is ;) . 

I prayed for this baby. I loved her before she was even born. My heart grew twice its size the moment I saw her. She has made me a better mama, I feel like a seasoned pro with her. I cannot believe it's almost been a year since I laid eyes on her tiny, squirmy, pink body for the first time in that hospital room.

Next month is her big first birthday and even though it means my baby is not a baby anymore, I'm excited to watch her grow into a little person. I love you, sweet sissy!

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  1. Girl, the time sure does fly doesn't it?!? You have the most beautiful little girls and you are the best Mama :) Love ya!