Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Thing of the Day

I have a hatred for insects, reptiles, and some amphibians. I also have an irrational fear of them. So I kill them. Insert Psycho slasher sound effect here: EEK EEK EEK! But when I kill them, I have another irrational fear that they will come back to life. So I kill with a vengeance. I squash, I smoosh, I drag until I see a trail of guts, and then I flush. Because in my mind, if I don't completely destroy the devil-bugs and leave any part of their slithery bodies intact, they will come back to life to crawl on me. I think that's where my hatred/fear stems from: I believe that their sole purpose is to crawl on me and creep me out. If bugs would stay away from me and my house, I wouldn't be compelled to kill. Let that be a warning, Bugs.

Last night before bed, I saw a devil-serpent-millipede-y thing on our ceiling. JD was already asleep and I don't kill bugs that could possibly land on my head, so I had to wait. First thing this morning, I hunted for that bug. Beatrice and I found him on the stairs. So I did some exterminating, but not a complete job with flushing. I had to put Beatrice down for a nap first before I could finish him off. The whole time I was in her room, I just knew that bug was twitching itself back to life and that I had to hurry before it escaped from off the bottom of my flip flop. Does that make me crazy?

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