Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad Guys Are Winners

JD and I went to see a movie today. The Town was awesome. I am not a chick flick kind of girl. The more action and shooting, the better. So this movie was right up my alley. And I really like bad guys in movies. I'm always hoping that they get away with whatever crime they are committing. As long as it's not murder or torture or serial killer crap. And if they're cute, that really helps too. In this movie, the bad guys were bad. They robbed, they stole, they beat people up, they broke laws. And they were cute. I loved it. I won't give away the ending, but it was EXCELLENT!!!

The bad thing about these movies is that afterwards, I want to go on a crime spree. I want to rob banks and sell drugs and be bad. That's a problem. I never do those things nor have I ever done anything close to them, but watching bad guys makes me kind of want to be one. I limit my action movie watching because of this....But if you can handle it and not be tempted to lead a life of crime, see this movie. If you like action packed, shooting, crime-filled movies with little romance and just a few bad words, then you will love The Town. I begged JD to drive home like he just robbed a bank but he wouldn't. Goody two shoes.

Also, can I just say how awesome it is to get away in the middle of the afternoon with your honey sans baby? It was so refreshing to have adult fun out and about without Cheerios or sippy cups. I get it. I get why getting away every once in awhile is important. 

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  1. You are too funny about wanting to be a bad guy. I'm always sitting on the edge of my sit hoping they get caught. :)