Monday, September 13, 2010

My Happy Place

After our first visit to the zoo a few weeks ago, I fell in love with the place. We bought membership passes and have been weekly ever since. I could honestly go every day, and would if we lived a little closer. I'm not sure what it is about going that makes me happy. It could be the awesome walking trails or being in the presence of rare and dangerous animals that make me realize what a special place it is. It could be the unlimited refills of Icees and cotton candy. All I know is that it is my new favorite place and I love going.

Yesterday we took my little brother with us. Having him along meant only one thing to me; the opportunity to finally get a family shot at the zoo. Instead we got a lot of pictures like this.

The whole album pretty much looks like this. I had to threaten him to stay out of them at the end of the day or else I would have nothing blog worthy to post. He didn't listen.

My girl loves the zoo as much as I do. She is content checking out the animals in her stroller while munching on Cheerios.

She points and shrieks at the animals.

Needless to say we don't get close to many for very long. This giraffe was practically at arm's reach when we first approached it but Beatrice proved to be too much for this graceful giant to handle. What a great photo this could've been.

So we improvised and got a great up-close with the Coke machine.

Oh and thanks for the family shot, Cole.

There will be many more visits to come. The zoo is my happy place and with unlimited visits for a year, I will be back often. And for the unlimited Icee refills.

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  1. this is awesome. i love how happy she looks! and hooray for icee refills-that totally rocks!! :)