Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall and Some Random Things

With fall officially in session and the weather finally cooperating, Beatrice and I had to welcome the season the best way I know how: shopping! After snuggling in our jammies all morning to keep warm (it was in the 50s, brrrr), we got showered and headed to my favorite shopping area in the city. I was prepared to buy myself something pretty from Anthropologie, but instead I bought a bunch of organic fruit at Whole Foods. And this.

It's the Souper hand-held hero. With a spoon head. Beatrice thinks it's funny. I think it's really cool. I'll definitely be doing some Christmas shopping here.

We shopped til we dropped. Not really. But Beatrice did get an organic vanilla teething biscuit to keep her quiet since we don't have pacis anymore for being a good girl.

We came home and cooked a hearty cold-weather-meal for daddy. Chicken and dumplings, mmmm. With homemade buttermilk dumplings hand-rolled and cut. I outdid myself. 

I had a helper though, thankfully.

We ate, we threw out the potted petunias to make room for the mums, and we read bedtime stories.

It was a great day and a great welcome to the new season. Happy fall!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Hmmm, I should give chicken and dumplings a try sometime. How did they turn out?

  2. They turned out perfectly! Easy recipe too. And TONS of leftovers.