Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shopping Cart

Penelope loves to push things. She got a doll stroller for Christmas and plays with it almost everyday, but I wanted to get her something for her birthday she could use outside of our neighborhood. I decided on a shopping cart that she could bring to the grocery store with me. She absolutely loves it. Today, we brought it to the grocery store for the first time.

I thought it would be a semi-disaster with all sorts of aisle display crashes, selecting of random items we don't need, and collisions with other shoppers, but Penelope did great and stayed right by me. She did throw a few avocados out of her cart, but they were an impulse buy so I didn't blame her. The other shoppers didn't mind how slow she was or how we blocked entire aisles, they thought she was the cutest shopper ever and enjoyed talking to her.

We have a bit of a nose picking problem going on here.

Our shopping trip took twice as long as usual, but we all had fun with the little shopping cart. I think it's going to be a regular fixture on all our shopping trips.

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