Friday, September 6, 2013

Late Bloomer

California summertime is a bit of a late bloomer. While the rest of the country is thawing out under sunny skies in May, we are huddled under blankets and sweaters as the "May Gray" looms all around us with its thick clouds and misty, cool air. June brings hopes of warmer days, but only for an hour or two around lunchtime. July is even cool and mild while its bright, clear skies are deceptively cold. By the time August rolls around, we are all starting to wonder if summer is going to pass us by altogether.

But it doesn't. August brings the broiling heat and thick, hot air with little to no breeze. August is the month of sweat. August is the month of sunburns and no makeup and ponytails. August is the month of letting yourself go, one sticky, hot day at a time.

And now it's September and even hotter. We don't have AC so the heat is met with contempt from most of our family. We wake up stuck to the sheets and we are grumpy just knowing that we've got a long, hot day in front of us.

To beat the heat, we've been hanging out at the beach, pool, and sprinkler.

Watermelon, no clothes, makeshift pools, and homemade ice cream make the heat more bearable. We have about another month of the hottest part of our summer, but we are going to make the most of it. Viva la watermelon and sprinklers on the front lawn!

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  1. So cute! Same here girl. We can only bare to be out at the pool or in the shade until late evening. Fall is just around the corner though!!!