Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Hair

My hair has been a thorn in my side for most of my life. It is thick, coarse, and unmanageable. Styling is difficult because my brittle hair is naturally frizzy and big. The more I do to it, the bigger and crunchier it gets. All I ever wanted in life was to have shiny, silky hair that was soft and bouncy, but that is not my hair's reality.

After having my babies, my hair is even worse. I've always had some waves, but now it is really curly. So much so, that it's almost impossible to fully straighten it. After fighting my hair for 31 years, I'm finally surrendering and just letting my hair be what it is: wild, curly, natural. Basically, I'm a hot mess.

Selfie overload! This is what my hair looks like without any product or "fixing" whatsoever. I washed it, combed it out, towel dried it, and gave up. I'm not totally confident leaving the house like this, but my friends say that women pay to make their hair look this way, so.... Are my friends liars?? 

Wearing my hair like this is definitely easier, but is it acceptable?! Do I look unkempt? Disheveled?? Shaggy??? I've come to accept that I will never have a soft, perfectly coifed mane, but do I want a wild, unruly one? I think I kinda do...


  1. they aren't liars you have beach waves. See i get this really awesome 80s friz, so if i put product in and use a defuser then i might get your cute waves!

  2. I love it! Natural and the way God made you. Love :)