Thursday, September 26, 2013


I don't have a cohesive decorating plan for anything in my home. I buy things that I like and hope they all complement each other once they are put together in a room. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

The living room is a work in progress that started with the navy and ivory trellis rug I bought back in April. We added the gray couch last month and I really like how the navy and gray coordinates, but I wanted more accent colors. I'm not great at knowing what colors go together, so I googled! Lavender was in my top searches, so I bought a cashmere lavender throw for the end of the lounger. I love how the cool purple pairs with the icy gray and navy.

Google also taught me that metallics look fabulous with navy and gray. That is all I needed to know, I love gold accents. One can't have too many shiny gold accents in her home! Can they?

I didn't love poufs at first. I thought they were sort of like a fancy beanbag chair. But then I kept seeing them as legitimate design features and they kind of grew on me. I found this gold one and fell in love. It works as an ottoman, a side table, a stool, or a princess throne.

I made the gold pillow. It is shiny and looks pretty sitting on my couch.

I traded our old wooden side tables for this gold iron one. I like it a lot.

And finally, this glittery gold Tennessee print I made the other day.

Too much gold? There is still a lot to do in this room, but so far I'm digging the bling.

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  1. looking good! i love the tennessee print! i need a lesson :)