Sunday, September 29, 2013


It's a been a few months since I've been responsible for keeping a fruit tree alive and I'm happy to report everything has been going pretty good! I've learned that my little tree doesn't like to be watered every day, a good soak every other day seems to be perfect. Also, it doesn't like the strong winds we have whipping down the hill behind our house so I have moved it in front of the house. Other than that, this little lemon tree is pretty low maintenance.

We picked our first lemon the other day! The tree has been covered with green lemons for months now, but there was 1 gorgeous yellow one that was finally ripe enough to pick. I let Beatrice pick it and we sliced it together.

It was tart and citrusy and lemony and perfect. It made a mean lemon water too. I'm so proud of me for keeping this little guy alive and healthy. I can't wait for the other 20 lemons to ripen!

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