Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Couch

It's been an exciting week for our living room. I finally got rid of our old couch. Picking out a new one was pretty simple, and after careful consideration I chose this:
After sinking into the old couch for 6 years, I knew I wanted furniture with more support. This baby is firm and structured without being uncomfortable. No one is sinking into this one for a long, long time.

We bought a bold rug a few months ago so I went with a light gray couch. I have so much more to do in terms of window treatments, pillows, and decor in our living room - that's why you're only getting a glimpse of the new couch - but the light gray will go with so much, I'm excited about the possibilities.

The best seat on the couch is the lounger. It's long and perfect for sitting and lounging or curling up for a catnap. It can be positioned on either the right or the left side so it works no matter how we set up our living room.

The best part about having a new couch is just having a couch. I got rid of our old furniture back in July. The new furniture arrived last week. I'm not sure what lesson I was supposed to learn by not having anywhere to sit for 6 weeks, but all I know is the floor is hard and it's better to sit on a couch.

Hopefully I will complete all of the decorating details in the next week or so. Until then, we are loving our new furniture.

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