Saturday, August 31, 2013

His and Hers

I like quirky things. I like pretty things too, but if I have to choose between quirky and pretty, I'm probably going to choose quirky. It's who I am, stylistically speaking.

When I bought new bedding for our bed a few months ago, I knew I wanted some funky throw pillows. I shopped fabric and browsed pillows online, but I wanted to add a personal touch to our room. I considered monogramming a pillow, but then I came across the most ridiculous pillow set that suited us perfectly.

I ended up making these instead of buying them online. I wasn't fully confident that I could replicate them to my liking so I only invested about $10 into all the materials. Black felt, cheap white cotton fabric, and fluffy pillow stuffing. I made them in about an hour and they turned out perfectly!

They aren't pretty, but they are definitely quirky and I smile every time I walk into our bedroom.

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  1. ok, i so need these! i know i keep saying it but i really do! we need to talk and get it going! :)