Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Popsicles Saved the Day

We went to the zoo today. I thought it would be a great day to go since it isn't super hot yet and L.A. schools are back in session. My GPS took us on a crazy route that added about 20 minutes to our drive time after hopping on and off the same freeway twice. It was weird and annoying and I was kind of in a mood when we arrived.

It was so hot and crowded. I wore a maxi dress thinking it would be cool and airy if it got too hot. It wasn't cool and airy at all, it felt like I had a sweater down to my ankles. I was hot, my feet ached, and the animals were all in heat or something because we saw many, um,  displays of affection. Lots of animal anatomy just hanging around, begging little kids to ask, "hey mommy, what's that zebra got down there?" Weird.

The girls had fun despite the heat, the crowds, and the x-rated exhibits, but I was so glad to be home. I remembered I made strawberry, lime, and black pepper popsicles last night and couldn't wait to try them.

I didn't tell the girls there was black pepper in them until the very end. I wanted to see if they liked them without knowing the mystery ingredient. They loved them, we all did.

They were the perfect treat after a hot day of watching zebras get it on.

Popsicles saved the day!

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