Thursday, August 15, 2013

People Like Balloons

About a month ago, I asked Penelope what she wanted to do for her 2nd birthday party. She thought about it for a minute and said, "ba-woons! Peoples wike ba-woons! And cake! Peoples wuv cake! Juice! Babies wuv juice! Can I drink it? Jump!! Peoples wuv to jump!" It was the sweetest thing, I actually cried. I texted my friend, Carlie, and told her about Penelope's ideas. Her little girl is 4 days older so we wanted to do another joint party for them. Carlie immediately started planning the girls' balloon-juice-cake-jump party.

Penelope really wanted to jump, and jump is what she did!

Mama even got in on the jumping. Check out my sweet moves!

Jumping was not a great idea for me. Right after, I felt totally seasick and got a headache. Boo.

The party was in a little park near Carlie's house. She did all of the awesome decor and most of the food, I brought pesto orzo salad and cupcakes. It was really great having the party somewhere other than my house. I had no stress about preparing anything or being a great hostess, everything was ready. Poor Carlie may not be able to say the same, but she is a great hostess and always throws fun and lovely parties.

These 2 friends had such a sweet, fun party. All of our friends came and we ate, jumped, popped balloons, and celebrated our almost 2 year olds.

This girl knew just what she wanted for her birthday party and it was perfect!

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