Friday, August 2, 2013

Band Aids

My kids are obsessed with Band Aids. Nothing gets them more riled up than choosing a new one, removing an old one, or losing one in their bed sheets.

We go through approximately 4 band aids a day. This is completely ridiculous considering neither girl ever has a legitimate boo boo. Lots of invisible scratches, scrapes, and cuts get smeared with Neosporin and covered in character bandages. 'Tis strange. And ever so wasteful.

"Girls, band aids are not stickers. You cannot use them as such." I made a new rule that only bloody boo boos get a band aid. So now any redness on or near the boo boo is declared "blood!" by my children.

"Mom, if I fell off of the car on some sticks in the road, I would have blood all over my body and would need so many band aids!!!!"

Hangnails are the most common injury in our house. Fingers are wrapped in Hello Kitty, Kermit, and PacMan like little cartoon manicures. The hangnail band aids fall off super easily so I find little sticky tubes all over the house. This is gross, but doesn't bother me as much as the leg band aids do. Removing those are so dramatic, the girls leave them on (because they won't let me near them) until they are black and scummy around the edges. These get caught on furniture and clothes on their way to the washing machine. So many band aids, so few boo boos.

Who knew little sticky bandages were so important to little girls?! Will this obsession ever end??

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