Friday, August 9, 2013

The Right Choice

Last night, my friend and I made last minute plans to wake up early and go to the beach. I prepped our lunch, beach bag, and went to bed excited about it. Because of life (work, friends visiting, schedules), she had to cancel. I was bummed and thought about skipping the beach too, but everything was packed. I decided we might as well go.

It was the right choice.

We picked up donuts and ate a late breakfast on the beach. The morning was spent with Beatrice making a sand potty and sand sculptures of all the things that go in potties while Penelope stirred salt water concoctions and covered our blanket with sand.

Even without our friends, we had a great time. The weather was cool but sunny, the beach was packed with surfers and kids enjoying their last days of summer, and my girls played contentedly while I tried to even out my tan.

So many lengths of hair, so many ponytails.

We definitely made the right choice today.

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