Friday, April 27, 2012


It's really hard to get dressed for the day in SoCal. Because we live on the coast, there is almost always a constant breeze causing milder temperatures, but if you find yourself in a really sunny spot, you will soon feel like a baked potato. I have learned that dressing in layers is the answer to all of our wardrobe problems. If we are going outside (which is basically everyday), we layer up and strip down as the temperatures adjust.

Because I dress in layers, I have the strangest of tans. The area from my knees down is extra brown since they see the most sun everyday. About 2 inches above my knees is a little lighter, but still pretty tan. 6 inches above that is slightly lighter, but noticeably so since I don't wear super short shorts these days. And about an inch above that is not as white as the skin that has never seen the light of day (aka, my bum), but pretty close to it. This scandalous tan line manifested after wearing my super short running shorts on a walk and picnic today. I like to call this multi-colored look my ombre tan.

Back home in Tennessee, this would be considered a farmer's tan. But I'm a California girl now and since ombre is all the rage with hair, I figured it would be pretty cool on my legs too. Not that I got this ridiculous tan on purpose or anything, but still, I'm pretending that it's not as stupid as it looks.

It looks pretty stupid.

Something tells me this look is not going to catch on...

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