Monday, April 30, 2012

Pizza Garden

We went to Home Depot this weekend for some paint and sandpaper. We came home with a tomato plant, potting soil, a giant terra cotta planter, a basil plant, a hose and sprayer, some paint, and sandpaper. We are now container gardeners! And painters.

We only have 2 containers, but we're 2 containers closer to becoming full blown farmers. 

I know nothing about growing tomatoes and basil, but I can google! Also, I can't wait to make my first margherita pizza. All I need is a mozzarella plant!


  1. Fun! I just bought a bunch of starters to take care of until I can transfer them into the raised beds at our other house! :)

  2. We just started a container garden too! We started out with three plants, now we are up to 6..and NONE of the have died! I feel so darn earthy!