Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Favorite Animals

This is a furry chicken.

It is my favorite animal. I actually didn't know this beautiful chicken existed until 3 years ago. My sister in law, Jamie, and I were at a summer festival and walked by a petting zoo with a dozen or so of the fancy birds pecking around. I had to do a double take because I had never seen a chicken covered in fur before. I was pregnant with Beatrice at the time and already showed major signs of pregnancy brain, so my lovely friends took it upon themselves to make me feel ridiculous for thinking such a species existed.

I knew what I saw and it wasn't a pheasant or partridge like they tried to convince me. I went home and googled "furry chicken" and lo and behold, they are real. You better believe I texted those naysaying scoffers immediately.

Aren't they spectacular? They are actually called silkies and are just as soft as they look. Google says they make excellent pets. JD says not on my life.

This is an alpaca, my second favorite animal.

They are prized for their soft fleece. They also make excellent pets (and can be a great source of income). But mostly, they are proof that God has a sense of humor. Check out that awesome hairdo!

Furry chickens and alpacas for President!!

What can I say? I love a funny-looking furry animal.


  1. Alpacas are my very favorite!! Jesse always talks about buying one for me someday...hope that day comes sooner than later! :)

  2. I think those chickens are cute. I first saw them though on Tori Spelling's show with her husband and kids. They have one and she carries it in her purse, lets it sleep in her bed.