Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Adventure: The Fishing Pier

Yesterday was the most beautiful Southern California day in my short stint here. The forecast said that today was supposed to be just as beautiful, but when we woke up it was really cloudy. We wanted to test out our new umbrella/tent at the beach, but by 10 am, the clouds were still thick and dreary. We decided to walk to the fishing pier close to our house instead.

My girlfriends and I have been walking to this pier a few days a week for the past month or so. It's great exercise, we get to be near the ocean, and the kids love watching the fishermen. Today we brought our husbands. It was fun!

There were lots of folks fishing.

On previous trips, we have seen sea lions swimming around the pier. We didn't see any today, but we did see the largest, most disgusting starfish attached to the pier's pillars. They give me the heeby jeebies in epic proportions. Why are they so fat???

One of the fisherpersons (fishergirl?) caught one. Barf.

We also saw birds. They must feast on giant starfish all day because they were not interested in the peanut butter crackers we offered them.

Since we had our husbands there, we took advantage of the extra pairs of eyes and hands and let the big kids out of their strollers. After they got looking over the railing at the water out of their systems, they checked out all of the fishing stuff. Who knew buckets of dead fish and grimy nets were so cool to a couple of 2 year olds?

By the time we walked home, the clouds cleared and the sun was shining, but we didn't go to the beach. Our walk to the fishing pier was all the adventure we needed.

Did you adventure today?

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