Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still Kicking

Today is the ol' bloggity blog's birthday. I'm celebrating with a big piece of cake.

2 years in and the blog is still kicking. Just for fun, I created a little poll to see why you visit this space on the interwebs.

  • I think your posts are funny/witty/relevant to my life
  • I am in your family/I know you in real life
  • I have been reading for awhile and feel attached
  • I think a lot of your posts are lame, but I've been reading for awhile and can't cut the cord
  • I honestly don't know
  • Furry chicken

No worries, I'm not thinking about pulling the plug or anything. As long as it's fun and I have something to post, the Bloggity Blog will live on! It's been great to have a creative outlet and place to share our happenings. Sometimes I read old posts and think, "what the heck was I thinking?" and other times I think, "that was brilliant and I am really awesome at blogging!"

Thanks for reading, whatever the reason! Happy birthday, blog!

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