Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Adventure: Malibu

This weekend adventure actually happened on Wednesday when my aunt was here. I wanted to take her somewhere that I had never been before. So we packed a picnic and went to Malibu with some friends. We had a lovely time.

The California coastline is magnificent with blue water against cliffy backdrops. The route to Malibu did not disappoint. The water seemed a little bluer and the cliffs a little cliffier. And since I can't take a photo of the gorgeous coastline while driving, here is a picture of it on the beach.

I will never get used to seeing mountains and beach in the same scene. Breathtaking.

We went to Zuma beach. The best thing was the beachside free parking. Parking is craptastic here. If you can find a spot close to wherever your destination is, you more than likely paid for it. We were thrilled with our free spots.

It was a gorgeous day. Cool and breezy in the morning and warm and sunny by lunchtime. We dressed in layers and stripped down as the temps rose.

Stripping down...

And even more...

Other than a few trips to the potty, we never left our blankets. The kids ran and played and we scoped out the beautiful people in hopes of seeing a celebrity.

Malibu is home to the rich and famous. I knew that somewhere amongst the fabulous shopping and palatial homes there had to be my favorite delicacy: gelato! And thanks to my Urbanspoon app, we found Grom. We sat in the sun and ate my most favorite yummy treat. It was the perfect ending to a perfect adventure.
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