Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fabulous and Fit In February

I have not written about postpartum weight loss since having Penelope for 1 very good reason: I haven't lost it all. It has been 5 months and I have about 7 lbs to go. I wanted to wait until I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight before mentioning the 50 lbs I gained with this pregnancy. I failed. So far, the weight has proven harder to drop this time around. Could it have something to do with my looming 30th birthday??? Possibly, but I think I have it narrowed down why I am holding onto these last few pesky lbs:

It could have something to do with butter. And heavy cream. And sour cream. I put it on most everything. I can't help it, I love all 3 and they make everything so much more delicious. Don't even mention margarine to me. Real butter is where it's at. Somehow I started putting heavy cream in my coffee instead of skim milk and I can't go back. Sour cream makes everything yummier, don't even try denying it. And then there's dessert. And portion sizes. I basically have no concept of a normal sized meal. Or that cake is not breakfast. I am out of control and I have the muffin top to prove it. Sigh.

Since my 30th birthday is next month, I am finally getting serious about kicking these 7 lbs to the curb for good. Or until the next pregnancy. Kidding, honey, kidding. I decided to dedicate February to getting fit. I can commit to a month of healthier eating, smaller portions, and regular exercise. Plus, I'm no dummy, I chose the shortest month of the year to commit to something. I can do anything for 29 days. I'm starting with this:

Source: via Aly on Pinterest

I'm pretty sure the bulk of those 7 lbs resides in my belly. I really want to get rid of the pudge in that area so I am going to do these abdominal exercises all month. I'm also going to limit snacking to only fruit or veggies, drink lots of water, and cut down on my portion sizes. I want to say that I'll give up dessert, but that would be a lie. I live for Jesus and sugar.

I took some before photos of my belly today. I will post them at the end of the month. Maybe. Only if there is change. Significant change. Abs of steel change.

Things also changing in February? The blog is getting a makeover. It's time for something new and I can't wait! Also, I am doing Fat Mum Slim's February photo challenge. Basically, you take a photo a day for the category determined and link up with others via Instagram or the blogosphere. Fun stuff, you should play along too! I'll post my pics on the weekly.

Here's to a fabulous, fit new me (and you) in February!

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  1. Good plan, Momma! You had me cracking up with the heavy cream... I've started adding lots and lots of creamer... so good... so bad for me. I'm also playing along with the febphotoaday challenge. Look me up on instagram (nicavesani). What's your sn?