Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Photo Challenge: Part 1

After today's Debbie Downer post, I got a bunch of phone calls from my friends and family making sure I was okay. I am! Just missing everything my old life had to offer is all. But let's not dwell on that. Let's see my first installment of Fat Mum Slim's February Photo Challenge instead.

I just now realized how awesome Instagram is. It's been on my phone for 6 months, but this week was the first time I figured out what it's all about. It's super fun to check out everyone's photos and catch little  glimpses of their everyday lives.

I'm digging this photo a day challenge. It's not too late, play along and link up!


  1. Nice ones!
    1. Is that the view from your house?! OMG. Lucky.
    2. Are all strangers beautiful in LA? It's like that in Miami too... well on the beach at least.
    3. That dinner looks yum, what is it?

    I'm posting days 1-10 on Friday... check it out then! :)

  2. 1. Yes, that is the view from our house! The view to the left is harbor and pretty industrial, but the view to the right is nothing but the gorgeous Pacific.
    2. Most everybody here is so beautiful. Makes me want to go shopping!
    3. Enchilada casserole. I'll post the recipe - so delish!

  3. I'm in girl ! Something fun to do and I love following people's photos! Gotta catch up now :)