Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We don't have a yard. We have a fenced in patio with a tiny patch of grass. It is kind of nice actually since I can sit and play Words With Friends on my phone while Beatrice plays without having to worry about where the heck she is. She's always right there. Small enclosed spaces = undivided attention to mindless word games for mama. Oh, and safe playing for little kids, of course. Since there's not much to do out there except kill ladybugs, we let her play in the water from the faucet. She loves it, except she prefers to play completely uninhibited.

And by uninhibited, I mean naked.

She takes her diaper off all by herself. She will have none of that pesky nonsense that is clothing. Thankfully, our neighbors don't have any windows facing our little nudist camp. This behavior is very disturbing to her father, as you can imagine.

Beatrice says don't knock it until you try it. Happy Tuesday!


  1. How funny.. I'm sure JD is horrified.. :)

  2. Oh cute! I love her little pigtails! Jack totally agrees with Beatrice, nudity is fun! I figure he can only get away with it at this age, so why not let him enjoy it!

  3. She is so adorable!! I don't know why, but I never let Hunter go nakes, but I should, I just always worry about him going potty without a diaper on!