Sunday, May 29, 2011

28 Weeks

My stomach has hurt a lot this week. Partly from the stress of the move and selecting doctors and insurance plans (and watching our hard earned savings fly out the window in the general direction of California). And partly from the human growing inside of me. This pregnancy hurts, y'all. I don't remember being in this much pain when I was carrying Beatrice. Discomfort, yes. But pain? Not so much. From the trapped gas (I hesitate telling you how to relieve this very painful ailment because it involves being on all fours with your rear in the I feel awkward.  And so do you...) to Beatrice's elbows and jabs straight to the uterus, this mama says ouch more than she says much of anything else.


Weight gain: Last week, when I wrote that I wasn't having cravings, I started having cravings. So I am a little hesitant to step on the scale. I predict I've gained a little bit, but we shall see at my OB appointment later this week. Total to date weight gain: 22 lbs.
Stretch marks: None.
Movement: Yes! She is wild. And it hurts. I can't tell if she's tap dancing in there or a ninja warrior in training. From the muffled "hi-yahs" I keep hearing from my belly, I'm going with ninja.
Cravings: If I'm being really honest, sugar. In any form. Candy, cake, pie, donuts, cookies, whipped cream. If it's sweet, I want to eat it. And let's just say that the list of sweets I just gave is not a hypothetical one. I have eaten all of that in the last week....
Sleep: Somewhat better, but I never wake up rested. I think my body is doing that weird, terribly unfair thing of prepping me to get used to never sleeping again. It's cruel, really.
Best moment this week: Feeling pretty, despite feeling like I don't recognize my own body anymore.
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: A few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there.
What I miss: Not being in abdominal pain at some point every day.
What I'm looking forward to: Holding Penelope. And nursing her. I love nursing my babies. Even though that hurts too.
Weekly wisdom: Eating too much sugar probably has contributed to my stomach hurting the most. Even I cannot believe I just wrote that. Blaspheme!
Milestones: I wore a bikini in the neighborhood pool this weekend. During my 3rd trimester. And no one gouged their own eyes out.

A creepy photo for the record: Creepy because I can't figure out where to look when taking a self-portrait in a mirror. Clearly it's not directly into the mirror. 


  1. They say with each pregnancy the pain gets worse... I tend to believe them.. :)

    You look great I'm sure you haven't gained anymore and if so it's from her weights she is using to be the top Ninja Warrior.. ;)

  2. I love that you mentioned the pain. We spent the better part of Tuesday night in the hospital because I was unaware of this. Being pregnant and taking care of a toddler is rough.