Sunday, May 8, 2011

25 Weeks

This is my third Mother's Day as a mama. The first I was pregnant, the second I had a 6 month old. And now, I am the mama of 2 precious girls. I am blessed.

I really like being a mother. Despite all of my failures and mishaps, I feel like I am cut out for this. And with each passing year, I tuck a little more experience and know-how under my belt. Except this year. I tucked it into my demi-paneled maternity cargos. 


Weight gain: A lot. 22 lbs. I hate admitting it on the internet but doing so keeps me accountable and let's face it, we all like to know where we stand compared to someone else's experience. When I read another pregnant mama's blog, I want to know how she's doing in this department. So I guess I am doing this for you. You're welcome very much.
Stretch marks: None, but I noticed a weird vein thing on my side this weekend. It is awfully reminiscent of a varicose vein. But on my side??? Is that normal?
Movement: Yes, almost constantly. And robust at that!
Cravings: Berries and fruit. I realized yesterday that up until dinnertime, I had only eaten fruit all day.
Sleep: Superb. I am sleeping great.
Best moment this week: When Beatrice kisses and hugs my belly before bed. She loves giving sissy nigh-night kisses and saying, "nigh-night Nell-la-pee. Kees. Hogck." Such a good big sister already.
Gender: Girl.
Labor signs: I'm happy to report there have been no happenings in this department all week. Way to stay in the game, uterus!
What I miss: Being able to see my lady region. It's a distant memory at this point. Not that I need to see it per se, but I like the option of knowing that I can. 
What I'm looking forward to: Receiving some handmade things for Penelope from a friend. With so many hand-me-downs in her future, I'm excited to have a few things just for my littlest girl.
Weekly wisdom: God chose me to be these girls' mother. It was not a random draw. That blows my mind.
Milestones: Penelope is the size of an eggplant!

We had Beatrice's 18 month photos taken this past week and our dear photographer snapped some of me and my belly. I'm more like 24 and a half weeks pregnant in these photos, but they're too beautiful not to share. Oh, and my boobs are 45 weeks pregnant. Just sayin.

Photos by Sara Rose Photography.


  1. I get varicose vein's when I'm pregnant in "weird" places.. I've been told several times that this is normal.. I debate.. lol But yes I really do believe it is normal.. Mine usually go away as soon as 24hrs after delivery to a week.. :)

    I don't announce my weight loss/gain on my blog mainly because I feel people think I'm lying or bragging.. Which is neither.. :)

    The pictures are just gorgeous. Glad you shared them with your readers. :)

    I think every child deserve a few things of their own that are not hand me downs.

  2. love the pics....and your boobs being the size of 45 weeks pregnant made me smile! as did the story about the frog :)