Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blog Stuff

On Wednesday, the blog was featured on a great blogging community site called SITS. It links up over 8000 fellow bloggers and encourages each other to comment and support other blogs you might not ever link up with. It was kind of overwhelming the amount of visitors and comments I received. It was really cool and made me so glad to be apart of a community of bloggers that are thoughtful and interested in things that others have to say. I have about 25 new followers from my feature day alone so I thought I better do a little intro for the new folks. Welcome new folks!

If you're like me, when you find a new blog that you like, you get stuck for hours hitting the older posts button at the bottom of the page because you want to "get to know" that blogger by reading everything they ever wrote. While most of what I have written is semi-interesting (I hope), some of it is not. So I added a new tab at the top called Best of Aly for those who want to read some of the older posts, but only the good ones. These posts are my favorites for one reason or another but be sure to check it out for some interesting/funny/ridiculous reads.

Hopefully you have all figured out the language of this blog. I am sarcastic. I am funny. More funny-random than funny-haha I've been told. I really hope no one has walked away feeling offended or angered by what they have read. I do not hate the cat. My child doesn't eat an actual prisoner's diet. I don't really think boys are gross (see post below). I use sarcasm and my unique sense of humor to write about issues that bother/interest/perplex/happen to me. I don't make up stuff about our life, but I do embellish stories with humor and sarcasm. The general rule for reading my writing is if it seems ridiculous, it probably should not be taken literally. I am exaggerating my feelings and using humor to write about it. I have found that most people who read and like my blog like my sense of humor - that's why they stay around. But there have been a few comments from new folks that think I am a terrible person for the way that I write. I think they may have missed the humor and sarcasm. I definitely don't mean to offend anyone by what I write, but you should also know that I may write some things that you don't agree with. I think about all of this when I write, but ultimately I write for myself with my readers in mind. You may not agree with it all, but please don't take it all very seriously. If it's outrageous, it's meant to be funny.

That's about it. I'm so thrilled to have new readers and I hope you like what you read here. Check out the Best Of Aly section to catch up on what I've been up to for the last year. Thanks for following me and supporting the blog!


  1. I am not new to your blog.. I'm just new to commenting.. And I did like your humor and all that jazz.. But I also didn't think it was funny all the dislikes you had for boys.. But whatever.. It's your blog say what you want but also know old or new reader may not like it.. But bottom line you are writing for yourself but you also must be ready for the back lash.. Or readers that have been following you to stop.

  2. Lacy, I certainly don't dislike boys. I have 3 brothers, a nephew, a husband, a father, a pastor, and several other "boys" in my life that are loved and respected. I have some real concerns with raising boys that I share with many other mamas of girls simply because I never had one to raise. I would gladly love and accept a baby of any sex. I'm sorry if that post offended you but if surely you realize it was sarcasm and not a list of why I hate boys. That would be a preposterous thing to post.

  3. Aly- I'm a new follower from SITS. I love random saracastic humor too. I've found the biggest downfall of writing is not being able to convey sarcasm to people as well as you could when talking to them. Sucks huh? I haven't read your dislike boys post, but I am sure that I would get your humor in it. Before I had my first, a boy, I was totally wanting a girl. I wanted to buy the girly clothes, do girly things, and I was seriously thinking, "what the heck am I going to do with a boy?" But he changed everything for me. I LOVE having a boy to run around and make my house a chaotic mess. And man, having a little boy who says "I love you too Mommy" is pretty amazing. You can't please everyone with what you write, so I say keep on blogging the way you have been. The people who understand you and your blog will stick around and give your blog some love and the ones who don't will either get over it or find another blog to enjoy.

  4. I'm following now as a result of your SITS day ... glad to have "met" you and I look forward to more of your candid, down-to-earth writings!

  5. Before I had my boys I wanted girls. I actually cried like an idiot when we found out number2 was a boy. I compeltely understand where your coming from. I do think having boys is a challenge for a girly momma like myself, but I love love love having a sweet little mommas boy who tells me "im a pretty girl" and flatters the heck outta me. Whatever blessing you recieve, its just that. A blessing! Keep up with the sarcastic humor...its what keeps this blogger coming back for more!