Sunday, February 27, 2011

15 Weeks

I've been feeling pretty good this week. It has rained a bunch so we have only taken 1 walk to the park and that makes me feel a little more wobbly than last week. Sigh. I think I'm ready to admit how much weight I've gained. 5 lbs. I read in a pregnancy book that by 15 weeks, a 5 lb weight gain is perfectly normal. I'm okay with the 5 extra lbs - it's the fact that I gained them in a week that bothers me. Oops. I blame all of the yummy wedding food we had last weekend. Does that mean I gained 5 lbs in a weekend??? Oy. 


Weight gain: 5 lbs. In a weekend. Gross.
Stretch marks: None.
Movement: Mostly gas. And just so everyone's clear, when I say gas I mean the kind that rumbles in my belly, not my butt. Mmkay?
Cravings: Salad.
Sleep: Minus a few snake dreams, I've been sleeping great this week. And not Freudian snake dreams, just your regular viper snake biting me on the toe.
Best moment of the week: When I get Beatrice up in the mornings, she points to my belly and says "mama baby" then pats her belly and says "baby baby." She has a baby in her belly too.
Gender: Praying for a girl, preparing for a boy.
Labor signs: None.
Belly button: In.
What I miss: Bras that fit comfortably. Things are getting out of control in that area.
What I'm looking forward to: My OB appointment on Wednesday. I love my doctor and I always come up with some interesting questions for her.
Weekly wisdom: People can be cruel. Guard your heart and keep close to Him.
Milestones: Photography no longer makes me sick. Did I tell y'all about that? Around Christmas when I was 5 weeks along, I started to get very nauseated every time I took or looked at a photograph. I am just now getting over that sick feeling when I see or take a photo. Weird huh?

Belly shot. The baby's the size of an orange this week.


  1. Sounds like you and I are pretty close in due dates.. I'm August 17th.. When are you?

  2. Looking good!

    And although I dont know what happened (your weekly wisdom) Im sorry, people can be very cruel.

  3. Looking great little mama!! Looking like a BOY Bump!

  4. Awww! Time is flying by...right? :)