Monday, January 10, 2011


This morning we woke up to this.

I'm guessing we got 4 or 5 inches. It is glorious and powdery and perfect for snowballs. And snowmen.

The kids across the street made this larger than life elmy, as Beatrice likes to call all winter characters. Santas, snowmen, and reindeers are all elmies at our house.

Beatrice is quite the prima donna at times so we weren't sure how she'd react to the snow. We talked about it all morning and she managed to tell Daddy all about the snooooo (pronounced with lots of nasally o sounds) when he woke up. She was ready to test it out for herself mid-morning.

Although a little hard to walk in, snoooooo proved to be great fun. We made snowballs and then tasted them. She kept asking for bites and saying mmmmm after every taste. We made the cutest snow angels you've ever seen. We knocked snow off of the fence, the car, and the trees. Snow is fun. The only time she fake cried was when her mitten came off and I insisted that we put it back on.


None of us have proper snow clothes. Thankfully, it wasn't that cold. The temp is around 25, much warmer than the teens we've experienced the last few days. I layered Beatrice in 2 pairs of leggings, 2 long sleeved shirts, 1 short sleeve shirt, down jacket, mittens, snow kitty hat, and baby Uggs. I wore jeans (bad idea. My knees were sopping wet after a few minutes), 2 sweatshirts, gloves, a peacoat, and Uggs. JD wore gym pants, a sweatshirt, hat, and gloves. We were happy to see our neighbors dressed similarly. It was kinda like that time we visited our Chicago relatives one Christmas and it snowed 3 FEET. My mom dressed us in plastic garbage bags because you know, we lived in Florida. We live in a part of the country that gets snow flurries every so often. Not 5 inches of white blizzard awesomeness.

She couldn't stop making snow angels once I taught her how.

I don't know what it is, but there is something so hilarious to me about a baby lying in the snow.

The cutest little snow angel ever.

We played outside for about an hour. We were all cold and our noses were starting to run. I'm glad she liked it. We hope to get snoooooooo more often. Tonight's forecast is calling for a few more inches. We are hoping it happens.

Black and white because I have no make up on and it's not a pretty sight.

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