Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dawn of a New Day

When I was pregnant with Beatrice, I had terrible heartburn. The kind that required a strong prescription to give me some relief. Because of the heartburn, everyone told me that my baby would have tons of hair. They were right. She was born with a head full of thick, dark hair. Everyone told me that it would fall out if I washed it too often/played with it/looked at it. I loved her fuzzy hair so I did my best to never wash it, touch it, or look at it. Her hair did not fall out, but grew longer. Everyone told me that it would stay dark like her daddy's. When it turned blonde, everyone told me that it would fall out (again) and grow in dark. As her hair got lighter and longer, I began to think that everyone didn't no what the heck they were talking about.

Beatrice's hair has been on a journey. An awesome journey of transformation. I have written about it before. But now? We've conquered new territory. A whole new world of hairstyle opportunities has been born.

Behold, pigtails.

I can't even tell you how much these little pigtails make me happy. They are wispy and spiky and so cute. Beatrice likes them too. But don't take too many pictures of them because she will not like that.

Everyone told me I couldn't do pigtails yet. What do they know?


  1. I laughed....don't look at her hair hahahahahahaha....This is great! haha. What a cute little girl!!

  2. Adorable!! I love pig tails :)

  3. OMG she is precious! Love the pig tails!

  4. So cute. I MAY have put Jacks hair in pig tails once. I just had to see! It will be cut soon probably and...you know...its pig tails!

  5. soooo cute!! LOVE the pig tails :)

  6. I am loving these piggy tails :) She looks JUST like you in that one side profile picture! Cuteness! And p.s., isn't it funny how "everyone tells you..." when you are pregnant or have a little one???? Just had to throw that one in ;) J.R. and I laugh at all the things people think they just KNOW. Guess we will soon see!