Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Thing She's Cute

I love having a girl. I love the smocked dresses, the hair bows, and the mary janes. I love messy ponytails, tiny painted toes, and baby dolls. I dreamed of tea parties, tiny baby strollers, and playing dress up when I was pregnant. When I found out Beatrice would be a girl, I was beyond thrilled that I was going to have a girl child for my very own. It was going to be the best thing ever.

And it is. There are 4 baby dolls that she mommies on a daily basis by giving them bottles and brushing their hair. Cutest thing ever. She loves to try on shoes and prefers polka dots on her outfits. She plays in my jewelry and loves when I give her a make up brush to play with. She is all girl. It is everything I thought it would be.

What I didn't expect when dreaming of having a girl was the drama. Lots and lots of drama. Beatrice is a drama queen. She never asks for anything, but whines and whimpers and pouts until I give her a bite/drink/hug/kiss/toy. There are shrills of displeasure when I take away something she wants/put her in her highchair/tell her no. She fake cries at everything. No really, EVERYTHING. She is so full of drama and from what I hear from mothers of boy children, this is a girl thing. How wonderful.

Most of the time, Beatrice's display of her innate girlness is just annoying. Or ridiculous. JD and I look at her, then at each other and say things like "whose child is that" and "why is she so upset over a green snack cup?" Mostly we elicit little emotion since we aren't quite sure what the big deal is anyway.

Then this happened.

Talking back at 15 months old? Is that normal? And if it is, what do I do about it? Granted, it is hilarious that one of her first 2 word sentences is "no no mama." But be assured, it won't be stood for. In my experience, children don't get away with talking back to their parents, especially tiny little girls.

So yeah, having a girl is super awesome and all but uh, I think I have my hands full.


  1. Jesse and I were just talking about the difference between all the little girls and boys we know. All the girls get sassy, talk back, and create drama by crying over EVERYTHING. Hunter on the other hand... doesn't talk back and rarely cries... but he is into everything! If we say no, he steps away. But a few minutes later, he's looking at us over his shoulder trying to try again!

  2. I'm pretty sure it's just, NONO Momma! LOL! I love it. AB never says just 1 No, it's GOTTA be 2.... NO NO!! Gotta love the uhhh...ummmm...uhhh..mamamamamamamamama AHHH!!! My favorite little sketch I have caught is that little weird show, with Stewie, "mom, mommy, momma, mom, LOIS, Lois, LOIS, Momma MOM, mommy..." WHAT!!!??!?? "Hi."