Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Can't Baby Proof Yourself

I'm having one of those days where I keep bonking Beatrice's head on doors and stepping on her hands. Ever since she started crawling, she is constantly underfoot or right up on whatever I'm doing. I feel so bad but I honestly don't know that she is there until I hit or step on something. The sad part is, she doesn't even bother with crying anymore. This could be because of two reasons:
1. She is getting tougher and I'm not actually hurting her.
2. She has come to expect that mama is a brute and being near means a little pain. Maybe a bruise or two thrown in for good measure. Poor baby. 

She is also climbing things. Like stairs. And playing with harmful cleaning products as the picture clearly depicts......

This has resulted in only one fall, but it was a good one. She landed flat on her back and hit her noggin pretty good. Of course JD blamed me and I guess it kinda was my fault, but I don't know how to stop her. She is quick and determined and fearless. We have done all of the traditional baby proofing. The outlets are covered, we have a baby gate and the cabinets are secured. It's me that seems to be the most dangerous thing in the house. And I can't be baby proofed apparently. 

It's really no laughing matter crazed, maniacal laughing Aly in the picture. You need to learn how not to step on your baby. And a little extra flossing could do you some good...
(Totally off topic but there is a matching picture of JD laughing like this. I am dying to post it but the only way he let me take the photo of him was if I vowed never to put it on the blog. I may step on my baby occasionally but I am a woman of my word and can't jeopardize our trust. Just know that it is hilarious. And that it exists). 

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