Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Changes and Some Ramblings

Ch-ch-changes. There are a few new things going on with us that I'd thought I'd share.

JD got a promotion a few weeks ago. It's a great opportunity for him and he is really enjoying it, but our schedule is totally rearranged. He was working "normal" 8-4 hours before the promotion, now he is working 2-10. This means we don't see each other very often. This is good and bad. Good because we are very ornery people and too much togetherness can quickly turn into bickering. Also good because I have my nights back. The hardest transition to make when JD returned home from his training was sharing my nights. It's when I blog, read, clean, watch The Real Housewives of whatever city and veg out. When he returned, he took over the TV, insisted that I cuddle instead of play on my computer and wanted to go to bed early. That part was kind of awesome actually. I can't really think of why this new schedule is bad so I guess it's not; just a change.

I have been blogging for hire over at 100Cafestreet for a month now. It's a dessert website and I am a contributing baker/blogger. It's pretty challenging because I have to come up with my own spin on recipes, take a decent photo and write a little something about that particular dessert. I will not be getting rich from this venture, but it is a cool opportunity to sharpen my writing skills. And we always have dessert in the house so JD is thrilled.

Beatrice loves balls. Bouncy balls, soccer balls, foamy stress relief balls, little rattling cat toy balls. She plays ball all over the house and we are actually loving it. JD can juggle by the way, who knew? On Sunday, I sat at the top of the stairs with Beatrice in my lap while JD stood at the bottom and we tossed a ball back and forth. We all had a pretty good time then realized that we were breaking 2 cardinal rules of parenting. 1. Playing ball in the house. 2. Encouraging our baby to play on the stairs. Is it a parenting fail if the parents actually don't mind playing ball in the house? Oh and having an assortment of balls in the house makes for some awesome sneak attacks. We have been punting balls at each other all week. Not at the baby of course.

A little shoppe on the downtown square is selling my crochet hats. That means I have been busy with my craft all week. And I am so burnt out. I hope they sell otherwise everyone is getting a crochet baby beanie for Christmas.

I painted my nails for the first time in over 10 months today. And I feel really pretty. And girlie. Until it chips then I will remember why I don't paint my nails anymore.

Watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel has been an awesome workout for my glutes. My cheeks have been squeezed so tight watching these beasts shred muscles and rip legs off of swimmers. Gruesome.

Beatrice has been taking really crappy naps lately so I hung a dark blanket over her pretty organza Pottery Barn Kids curtains and voila, she sleeps until after 8 am and takes 2 hour naps. Homemade rigged blackout curtains are more valuable than a picture perfect nursery any day.

I could go on but I this post is getting very rambly. And I must crochet some more. Goodnight.


  1. Crotcheting? Baking? I'm impressed. That dessert looks DIVINE.

  2. I know what you mean about sharing the nights. I'm a Call Of Duty widow everynight around 8. I love those glitter balls. Except when they are in my kitchen. I'm forever almost breaking my neck, tripping over balls in the kitchen. There's humor in there somewhere, I'm sure.

  3. Ha! Well we haven't started tripping over them yet, just pelting each other with stress relief balls.