Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I have a bad case of house envy. I spend a lot of time in other people's houses imagining our stuff in them. I want a bonus room. I want closet space. I want a garage. We need those things. I want enough space to have the whole family over for holidays and birthday parties. Heck, I'll take enough room to have them over for dinner. I am struggling with being content with what we have because all I can think about is what we don't have. And we don't have space.

JD and I always planned on buying a bigger house long before we ever had children. We wanted several bedrooms, a large yard and JD's coveted "man room." We never expected to be in our current place for longer than a year or two. We prayed for the right time to sell, but never felt that door open for us. Once Beatrice was born, it all made sense how God had left us in our current place. In this house, I am able to stay home and not worry about finances. We may not have tons of room, but we have enough space for the three of us and no financial stresses. Except when we're out of milkStaying home to raise babies is important to both of us and we realize that there are sacrifices to having this lifestyle, but we also want to grow our family and staying here will make that very difficult. How do you think bunk beds in the dining room will look? No? Day beds?

I know that we will have a bigger place in God's perfect timing. Until then I will work really hard at being grateful and content with what we do have. Being here has been a blessing and has allowed me to stay home but I'm ready for more space. JD and I are praying and strategizing on how to move on up. To the east side. To that de-luxe apartment in the sky. Well, we're moving on uppppppppppp!....Sorry, I got a little carried away. 

We don't need much really. Just a few extra bedrooms, maybe a butler's pantry. A bowling alley.......

A modest home will do. With or without a bowling alley.


  1. We're in the same predicament. We're in an apartment... toys all hidden, closets packed up to the ceiling. AND, #2 is fast approaching (in Nov). We too are praying that God makes our path clear and that He guides us in our decisions as to where HE wants us to be. It's hard to wait on Him, but His plan is better than anything we can ever hope for. Keep praying and waiting on Him... He wont disappoint!


    See if you can cut that at all and put it into your browser.....if not, hop on and look at #1162600 It's a friend of mine's house which is SUPER funny b/c it is right behind grandma's house in East Nashville, and was always my dreamhouse growing up. THEN my friend Gia that I worked with bought it, CRAZY. So They have fixed it up/restored/updated some, and are selling it.... REMARKABLE!! P.S. we are in a home hunt too. We know what we want, can't wait to be there....but, we are stuck in our little home with character... good ole #1164034