Saturday, June 8, 2013

Treasure Hunt

The girls and I walked down to the clean beach this morning. We were in search of some fresh air and adventure and found a multitude of treasures along the way.

We found dead birds, dismembered crabs, and lots of fish bones. The girls were enthralled. You're probably wondering what kind of horrible beach did I take my children to. We also found live treasures like sea worms, tiny crabs, and other creepy crawlies from the sea.

We got nice and dirty digging in the sand in search of more sea life and shell treasures. We were on a mission.

The girls were thrilled with each new thing they found, but nothing excited them more than a piece of unlikely treasure half-buried near our stroller.

A spork. Beatrice has been asking about sporks for a few weeks now (she heard about them from her Veggie Tales movie), but has never seen one in person. She was so excited, she brought it home. There is currently a used spork in my dishwasher, which I'm sure will deliver food into my child's mouth at some point, much to my disfavor.

Used sporks and all, my girls are the best treasure hunters I know!

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