Saturday, June 1, 2013


I make things. I can sew and crochet and through these hobbies, I make lots of things. When I'm invited to a baby shower, you can guarantee I will be giving handmade gifts.

I give a lot of baby blankets.



Burp cloths.

And onesies. See? I make lots of things.

My new favorite baby shower gift is bibs. I make them with soft, thick fleece backing and funky prints.

I always feel a bit nervous when giving someone a handmade gift. Will they think it's too cheap or old-fashioned? Do they even like crocheted hats or appliqued onesies? Turns out, most people love one of a kind gifts.

We had a surprise baby shower for my sweet friend a few weeks ago and I went back and forth on purchasing a gift or making one. I ended up doing both, but the handmade gifts were definite favorites. That made me feel really happy.

I love making stuff, but I really love making stuff that people love. Consider buying a handmade gift for your next baby shower here.

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  1. I think handmade stuff is the BEST especially when it's as cute as the stuff you make :) What a wonderful gift you have with your hands!!! And your heart!