Friday, June 28, 2013

Beach Bonfire

The girls and I were invited to a beach bonfire last weekend. It wasn't a convenient time for us (we typically go to church on Saturday nights), but all I could think about were the beach bonfires I viewed on 90210 during my youth and said, "count us in!"

There are very few activities as "California" as a beach bonfire. Last weekend marked the first of the summer so all of California had the same idea it seemed. The beach was packed. Tents and canopies were shoulder to shoulder with each other. People congregated in their camps, cooking and soaking up the last hour of sun.

My girls thought it was the coolest thing to cook over fire. Questions like, "if we touch it, will it burn our hands off?" made me a bit nervous, but Beatrice did really well keeping a safe distance from the heat while she cooked. And once she got started, she cooked everything.

She loved cooking all of our hotdogs, but the marshmallow roasting was her favorite.

Penelope was not a fan of s'mores. I'm not either, ick. 

She preferred rolling in the sand in other people's camps.

We stayed long enough to get sand under our nails, smoke on our clothes, and marshmallow goo in our hair. Apparently there really isn't a more "California" activity on the first weekend of summer because the beach was getting rowdy as the sun went down. Music was getting louder, surfers were getting drunker, and the beach was an obstacle course of dugout sand fire pits. The girls were loving the raucous activity, but it was time for us to go.

We loved our first beach bonfire experience and cannot wait to do it again!

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  1. That is so awesome! And I thought the EXACT same thing about the 90210 days but mine was a bit more like Laguna Beach and hoping to see LC or Lauren on the beach!!! Hahaa! Looks like a blast :)