Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Adventure: Hermosa Beach Pier

We haven't been on a local adventure in awhile. Instead, we've been enjoying lazy mornings at home, playing on our playground, and hanging out with neighbors. Today though, I woke up feeling like I wanted to explore, so we got dressed and drove to Hermosa Beach.

The month of June is notorious for being gray and dreary in Los Angeles and is known as the June Gloom. When we left the house, it was 65, gray, and really foggy so I didn't plan for us to hang out on the beach. Hermosa has a large fishing pier that is connected to a busy restaurant and shopping district and is a great place to walk around and explore no matter what the weather is like. That was our plan today.

The girls got gelato and I got an espresso. We walked the pier with our treats and checked out the fishermen and the mighty ocean.

I love walking on piers. They are always full of people: tourists, fishermen, old couples holding hands, new couples on first dates, and people dedicated to physical fitness (these folks are often doing lunges up and down the length of the pier and doing push ups off the railing - strange, but so fun to watch). I always think that if I could ever go on a first date again (not that I want to, honey), I would want to go on one in California so we could walk a pier.

We walked the pier then crossed the bike path to check out the shops. It was busy and alive with activity.

The thing I love about California beach towns is that they are full of the local people that live here. Surfers, cyclists, professionals, celebs, coffee drinkers, mimosa drinkers, people without kids, people with lots of kids, and every other kind of person fill the beaches and piers and cafes and shops. Different people enjoying everything the same, magnificent California beach has to offer. I love it.

Despite just having had gelato about an hour before, we found ourselves having cupcakes at the sweetest cupcakery on the beach.

After making mental notes of all the eateries I want to try in Hermosa Beach (I'm a sucker for a gourmet taco stand), we ditched the stroller and headed for the beach. The gloom lifted and the blue waters were calling us.

We didn't have suits or blankets or buckets or shovels, but we pranced in the water and dug our toes in the sand.

I love California. I love that I live so close to numerous beach towns that are each unique and have their own personality and vibe. Exploring this state continues to be my favorite weekend adventure.

Hermosa Beach, you were awesome.

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  1. So awesome! I WISH so badly we lived near the beach and all the awesome things you do!!!!! poo....oh well, we don't....for now anyway :) And what a gift from God to send sunshine down on what was expected to be gray and gloomy! Great weekend adventure!