Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Adventure: Where We Live

I have mixed feelings about where we live. When JD first got here (2 weeks before the girls and I came), he warned me that it wasn't the nicest place in L.A. county. I thought he was being dramatic. I arrived and put on my rose colored glasses and tried to see only the good things: the really good farmers market on Fridays, the proximity to the city, and the coastal breezes that keep the temps steadily in the 60s and 70s all year long. But the more I am here, the more I feel like JD was right. I think it's the halfway house and large homeless population that does it for me. 

The nicest thing about where we live though is the beach. We are walking distance to a sandy shoreline and cliffy beach. We never walked down there until this weekend because the locals really downplayed area. Something about parasites in the sand and pollution in the water. We decided to check it out for ourselves. While there is a dirty part of the beach, if you walk a little further you enter a very picturesque smaller beach that is clean, secluded, and nice. Quite possibly the nicest thing about where we live.

Imagine our surprise when we passed the sand parasites and oily waters of the dirty beach to find this little gem tucked away beside this bluff. Hello, favorite new place.

We frolicked and played for over an hour.

And when I say we are walking distance from this beach, we literally turned off the Saturday morning cartoons, put our shoes on, and walked towards the beach. Pretty sure we were the only ones wheeling a double stroller in the sand.

All I wanted to do was climb on these rocks and walk along the crashing waves. Once I got up there, I was terrified and frozen with fear. Beatrice was pretty upset with her scaredy-cat mother. She loved climbing on these slippery rocks.

I am so glad we found this place. I foresee many picnics and walks at sunset here.

Thanks for telling those sand parasites what's up, clean beach. You make where we live a little nicer.

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