Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Adventure: The Grove

This weekend's adventure is coming to you from the snowy hilltops of Los Angeles. Every night until the end of the year, it snows at The Grove. We have been to The Grove before, but it hosts one of the best Christmas displays in the area and since I love all things Christmasy and wintry, off we went!

Last year we attempted to see some mega light displays, but it didn't work out due to the weekend rush. This year we decided to check out the snow and lights on a Sunday night in hopes that everyone else would be at home and off the freeways. It was the perfect time to go.

We fa la la la la-ed the whole way there. Once we arrived, our car was so full of Christmas spirit, one more jingle bell would've put us over the edge. We were ready to see some major Christmas amazeballsness. The Grove didn't disappoint. When we pulled up, we were excited to see this.

All 4 of us were looking around at the lights and people and feeling the rush from the holiday shoppers. I didn't think it could get any more Christmasy.

And then it snowed.

I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little bit when the snow machine starting churning out fake snow. I get irrationally emotional when snow falls, large crowds sing the national anthem, and when fireworks burst overhead. It's who I am. It snowed for a whole 5 minutes or so and it was awesome. Well worth the 19 mile drive and $3 to park. And since I'm a little homesick for a white Tennessee Christmas, those 5 minutes sort of took the edge off.

I did a little shopping and crossed off 2 more people from our list. Mostly though, we walked around oohing and ahhing over the amazing lights. The whole place glowed.


As we were leaving, JD said that if this place didn't get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing would. He was right. This may have been my most favorite adventure to date. Fa la la la la out there!


  1. It looks BEAUTIFUL! I would probably have the same reaction to the snow. :)

  2. That place looks amazing! How fun! Fake snow is a nice substitute and can kind of hold you over when you're missing that little piece of Christmas time ;)