Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Adventure: Knott's Berry Farm

This weekend we headed east to Knott's Berry Farm, America's first theme park and - fun fact alert! - the birthplace of the boysenberry. There were rides, attractions, shopping, and tons of food. The best part for us though? Free admission due to a monthly promotion. It could have been the lamest place ever, but the simple fact that it was free would have been alright with us. Thankfully, it was far from lame. It was amazeballs.

JD and I had no idea there were so many rides. We both hate roller coasters so we were a little freaked out to see this at the entrance.

And this.

There were lots and lots of scary rolling death rides, I mean roller coasters. JD and I just stood there looking at them shaking our heads saying, "no way, there is no way I would ride one of those things." We are wimps like that.

We weren't afraid of all of the rides though. We rode a train around the park at a safe speed of 5 mph. JD rode a tractor trailer ride with Beatrice and I rode a tugboat with her that spun around. She loved it. I nearly barfed.

Check out the look on my face in the second picture above. I am about to lose my cookies. And this was a kiddie ride. I am seriously a big wimp. My equilibrium is nothing to mess with.

Why go to a theme park if you hate roller coasters, you ask? A) It was free. B) Boysenberry history is fun. C) For the kids. And our eldest loved the rides. The spinnier and bouncier, the better.

Our youngest? She hated them and begged us not to make her go upside down anymore.

Just kidding. We did not take our baby on any rides except for her first time in the Bjorn forward facing. She loved that.

She loved looking at all the people with Daddy.

We rode, we walked, we ate. We were exhausted. We will definitely be going back for the boysenberries and family fun. Not so much for the rides.


  1. Looks like SUCH a fun day! I went there once... but I was like 10. I don't remember it much.
    Oh and that pic of you on the ride... hilarious.

  2. Fun! We went there as kids and I loved it! You and JD are so funny about rides. I'm with Beatrice, the faster and more spins, the better! :)