Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I once drove around with my check engine light on for a year. I knew I needed to get my car checked out, but it didn't seem urgent to me. I figured the engine would explode or fall out or something if it was that serious. When I finally took my car in, I was told my catalytic converter went out (went bad? broke?) and if I waited about a month longer, the warranty would have expired and I would've been $1800 poorer. Ouch. Lesson learned, get things checked out and don't ignore big warnings. Got it.

Tonight, my tooth broke in half. And although my tooth has been abscessed for 2 years I gotta say, I didn't see it coming. I knew it was in bad shape. I haven't been able to eat on the left side of my mouth for several months due to the cold, searing pain emitting from that tooth. But I never guessed it would just crumble to pieces in my mouth. Now I have a broken, jagged half-tooth that's probably going to need to be pulled. Blech. I feel so dirty with my broken tooth and soon to be gaping hole in my mouth. 

Don't be like me. If your car has a red flashing light, it's probably best to get that looked at sooner than later. And if you have a rotten tooth in your mouth, get it checked out before it breaks in half. To be continued...


  1. Oh no! i'm sorry, but thanks for the warning. I'm totally one to sit on things for while!

  2. oh yuck. That happened to me (well, not the abcess) on both sides of my mouth, The bad news is that I needed two root canals, the good news is that neither of my teeth needed to be pulled. Hoping yours doesnt need to be pulled either!