Saturday, March 3, 2012

Half A Year

Penelope is 6 months old now. 
It's hard to believe she will only be a baby for a few more months. I still think of her as a newborn. That probably has something to do with the multiple times I am up with her each night. 

Sissy is super cuddly. She is a total mama's girl and is content being on me at all times. She's my little buddy.

She is strictly breast fed. I tried bananas with her last week, but she projectile vomited violently for an hour afterwards. She was pitiful and I was terrified. We're holding off on solids for awhile longer. Boobie milk for life!

She's a fun loving girl. She wants to be in the middle of whatever we are doing. She's getting big enough to play too.

I love this baby so much.

We all do.

Especially her sister.

Watching their relationship grow is so awesome. They crack each other up and are super gentle and sweet to one another. They are gonna be best friends, I know it.

Stop growing up so fast, Mama's Baby. I love you.

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  1. So sweet, Aly. Sofia is the same way with the milkies. She MUCH prefers it over food and rarely eats even half a jar. Won't take a bottle. And so many people think its a bad thing. Guess they don't see what I see. My baby girls who will soon be too big for me to cradle in my arms and love on. Enjoy every single day God gives you with your beautiful little girls and keep her a baby as long as you want to! Age is only a number...even for a baby ;)