Tuesday, March 27, 2012


After driving a bunch last week, I joked that we weren't going anywhere for a week. Little did I know, that statement ended up being prophetic. My Tennessee license expired on my birthday. I found this out after the fact and because it expired, I have to take a series of vision, written, and driving tests to be issued a new one. Because I have 2 kids and no valid driver license, it is going to take some strategic planning to be issued a new one. I am homebound until further notice.

It's not so bad being forced to stay home. My girls are loving playing with their toys and taking routine naps, my laundry is not piling up, and I've been cooking a bunch. I have also been studying the California driver handbook. It's long and intensive. I told JD I'm actually glad this happened. Otherwise, I never would have learned all of the rules of the road. I'm going to be a really knowledgeable driver when the State gives me my license back. Unlike all these years of just winging it out there. Weeeeeeeee! Just kidding...

Tomorrow is the big day. JD took the day off to help shuttle me to and fro. I am pretty confident the written and vision portion of the test will be easy peasy. It's the traffic cones and parallel parking that has me a little psyched out. Exactly how far is 100 yards away? Double broken lines mean what again?? I may be homebound for a little while longer...

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