Monday, March 5, 2012

Going Home

I've been a little melancholy since Pam left. Her departure reminded me just how much I miss my family and how lonely I am without them closeby. That's the rotten thing about loved ones coming to visit: they have to leave and my heart feels all mangled and empty afterward. It's brutal.

Last week, I experienced one of the saddest days of my life. I cried for a solid 6 hours, then cried a little more until my tears were all cried out. JD and I were hoping that he would have a prolonged work trip that would allow the girls and me to fly home for a few weeks. The trip was cancelled and I was devastated. I cried like I was grieving the loss of someone. We decided that I needed to go home anyway.

So we booked some tickets and later this week, I will be back on rocky, clay-like soil - because Tennessee dirt is more like clay, but details schmetails - I'm going home!! Once that flight confirmation email was in my inbox, I turned my frown upside down. And I've been smiling ever since. Except when I remember that I am flying alone with 2 babies, then I start crying again. Hold me. 

I cannot tell you how badly I need this trip. I can't wait to get my hair done, get some pro pics of my girls, visit my Nana, have some kid-free time, and go to my church. I'm so ready. I can't believe I have been gone nearly 6 months. Sheesh, time flies when you're sad and lonely and 2500 miles away from everyone you know and love. Or something like that.

I'm going home. I really need this trip.


  1. Glad you're gonna get some relief soon... hugs and prayers your way.

  2. I saw that update on FB and my heart broke for you. Im so glad you are going to get to visit! ENJOY!