Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday I went to the beach with some friends and their kids. It was great. Lots of moms, lots of kids, lots of lounging, lots of playing, lots of sun. In the midst of all of the lounging, playing, and sun, I felt kind of guilty about being a stay at home mom. I get to go to the beach while JD is at work. Seems a little unfair, ya know?

But today, he sent me this:

He and his coworkers went to the beach to build office morale. I don't feel so bad about being a stay at home mom anymore.


  1. hahaha awesome gig he got there! yay for beach days... im SO jealous!

  2. I think you should feel guilty that you live near the beach when I live in snow covered Utah...Haha...just kidding...Wish like crazy I could take my girl to the beach.

  3. lets not ever feel guilty about enriching our kiddo's lives with sunshine, group play, sharing, digging...while our hubbies are at work. Its for their benefit not ours right? ;)