Thursday, January 26, 2012


California has a lot of threatening phenomenons going on. Earthquakes, wild fires, landslides, and tsunamis are just a few of the things that can cause harm in this crazy state. And while I am aware that those are all plausible dangers, I don't dwell on the probability of them happening to me. What I do dwell on happening to me is far more likely. I know because I've seen it happen half a dozen times since I have lived in California. What could it be, you ask?

Giant, dead palm branches falling out of the sky, of course.

There are palm trees everywhere in Southern California. Everywhere. They are gorgeous and really make California feel like California. The thing with palm trees though is they are really, really tall so when they shed a dead branch, it has a million miles to fall before it crashes to the ground. And those dead palm branches are heavy, causing the potential for a lot of damage to whatever is beneath when it falls. Because they're shaped like a fan, they never just fall straight down. They fly and swerve, searching for their unsuspecting target. You never know where they might land, hence my fear.

I have dodged them falling/flying while driving down the street and playing at the park. Both times I was totally freaked out thinking about them landing on me or my children. Then we had a really windy rainstorm and I noticed something terrible, an accident waiting to happen if you will. See for yourself:

My car is parked directly under a palm tree. This isn't good. Not only is my car in danger of giant, dead palm branches demolishing it, we are all in danger of demolition every time we get in and out of it. Eek! Every night I say a little prayer that I don't wake to find my car crushed underneath a pile of dead palm branches and so far, it is still in one piece. I think I will start praying for a new parking spot tonight.


  1. Welcome to California! Those palm tree branches are terrible!

  2. We have that problem here in FLorida too... probably why insurance rates are through the stinkin' roof!