Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My baby is a terrible sleeper. There, I said it. I don't like admitting it because it feels like a reflection of my mothering, like she doesn't sleep because of me or something I'm doing wrong. Also, I want to pretend we are not really up all night, every night. And admitting it seems like accepting it, and IT IS UNACCEPTABLE to be up this much. But, here I am, letting you all in on it because honestly, I need help.

It all went downhill when we moved. She was sleeping 7+ hours a night and taking really good naps up until we relocated to California. I don't know if it's the climate or the house or what, but sister girl hates to sleep. She much rather prefers to take catnaps on me all day and night long. This does not work for me. I need sleep. Consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep. Right now, I am up and down anywhere from 1 to 4 times a night for no apparent reason other than my baby likes to see me every couple of hours.

Naturally, this lack of sleep is taking its toll on JD and me. We are desperate and at the end of our rope, so to speak. We have tried everything to get this kid to stay asleep. We swaddle, we unswaddled, we rock, we let her cry, we put her in the bed, we put her in the swing, we hold her, we cover her with a blanket, we try white noise, we try total silence, we beg, we cry, we pray and nothing seems to change. Penelope is a terrible sleeper.

JD and I are not 100% sure if our family is complete yet. I always felt like we would have 1 more child, but 4 1/2 months of no sleep might be enough for me to say no more. I wish I were joking, but this child is wearing me out.

Penelope, I'm begging you to sleep through the night. Please, mama is tired and although I love my daily coffee IV, this much caffeine is not healthy for anyone.


  1. With our first, I tried nursing every hour during the day. Like all. The. Time. Worked like a charm! Hope you guys get some sleep soon. Say lots of prayers!

  2. oh bless your heart, hopefully EVERYONE starts getting some more sleep SOON

  3. Wish I could helP but I'm so far out of the loop since ab!!! I know we pulled out all the stops swaddle- tummy- cluster feedings- dream feedings- baby wise- baby whisperer- happiest baby on the block- etc.... Finally we found out groove. I say set a plan- 8:00 bedtime- same routine each night for a week.... Eat- bathe- Jammies- story (same one) songs (same ones) then same night night phrase and off to bed. Pop a dream feed in around 10/11 don't wake her don't burp her just feed her and back in bed- and check on her when crying- no poopy or gas- give paci- pat back mobile on- back to bed- avoid getting up- it reinforces the bx of not sleeping. Hence the Cry it out method- not crazy screaming abusive like- the way some antagonists make it sound- Just a "hey, I'm boss her- momma said bedtime, love u , bedtime." ok. Just my thoughts or advice. Take it what you will- but I say- find a plan and stick to it fur at least 3 days so she can begin to know what you expect. Trying too much builds anxiety in u and in -her- not knowing when or I'd she

  4. My 2nd was a terrible sleeper too. I don't think he started sttn until 5 months. It happens... it's brutal while it lasts, but it will happen for you. Hang in there mama!