Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nothing Terrible Happened

I have been trying to figure out how to slip this post in without anyone noticing that I have been gone for a week and a half. I feel like there should be this huge, dramatic reason for me not posting before now - and there is a reason, just not a very dramatic one - because not hearing one single peep out of someone for that long warrants a good explanation since some of you might be thinking something horrible happened to me. Nothing horrible happened, but there are some updates I think I owe you.

My mom came to visit.

She came the day after Christmas and left yesterday. It was great having her here, but weird to see her after being apart for 2 months.

I'm not gonna lie, I love having her around to visit with, but having her help with my girls was awesome. I went from having my mom, mother in law, and grandmother living a few miles away, always available to babysit to having no one to help out. Help is wonderful. Help is a luxury. I need help.

We had a whirlwind week sightseeing and eating. Boy did we eat a lot. Beatrice loved having her Mimi around.

Oh yeah, and we moved. Again.

Let me explain. Before our big move to California got delayed, we were supposed to move into an awesome historical home. When the move got pushed back 2 months, we lost the home. I was really sad. I knew I was going to miss the hardwood floors, wood burning fireplace, Spanish roof tiles, and harbor views the first place had to offer. Instead, we moved into a townhouse with lots and lots and lots of neighbors. Loud neighbors. Neighbors that smoked next to our open windows. Neighbors that played their xboxes at top decibels. Neighbors with kids that put worms on my 2 year old's head. Neighbros with kids that took their clothes off and put them in our bushes. Those kinds of neighbors.

Even without the neighbors though, the townhouse never felt like home. Everything was so white. White walls, white trim, white doors, white ceilings, white appliances, brown carpeting. There was a good deal of space and everything was nice and clean, but I really struggled with warming the place up. And to rub salt in the wound of what should've been, we had to drive past the awesome historical home everyday on the way to our townhouse. It was cruel and unusual punishment.

So we put in a transfer to move whenever the historical place came available. We prayed that it would happen before the summer so we could avoid anymore worms on our children's heads once the neighbor kids were out in full force. We were shocked when we received a phone call last week informing us that the historical home was available and we could move right away.

We weighed the pros and cons of waiting until February to move, but ultimately jumped at the chance to be in our California dream home sooner than later. Plus with my mom in town, we knew the help would be beyond awesome. So with just 2 months since the last time we moved, we called a moving company and loaded up our belongings yet again. We are crazy, really crazy.

We moved into our new place last Thursday.

Despite being crazy, we are really happy. I got my Spanish tiles, my hardwood floors, and my homey charm. Plus a ton more square feet so we will have plenty of room when visitors come. Oh yeah, I got my harbor views too.

We are basically settled in with only a few small piles to unpack. I read somewhere that moving and divorce are the 2 most traumatic things a kid can go through other than losing a parent. So far, my girls are handling 3 moves in 4 months like troopers.

So nothing terrible happened to me. I've just been up to my ears in family and moving. Hopefully I can settle into a more routine posting schedule now that the new year is upon us. By the way, happy new year! I promise not to disappear for too long again without warning you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some hardwood floors that need to be mopped and some Spanish tiles that need to be admired. Yippee!!


  1. That new house look absolutely amazing. The view... ahhhh. Glad to have you back!

  2. loved this update. beautiful pictures.

    no worries, it's okay to take a little break from this place. we all need it sometimes :)

  3. Um GORGEOUS!! I love Spanish tiles, jealous! Congratulations on getting your new home. We have moved twice in the last two years and my boys seem to do fairly well, as long as they have their own belongings. I bet you were ecstatic to have your Mom there. I dont know what Id do if I didnt live within 20 minutes of mine.